About me

Jessie Wyrick

September 2021: Relocated to Virginia Beach, VA. Began a remote full-time position for GoodieTwoSleeves, as a Graphic Artist, creating licensed and generic art for retail apparel. Our clients include, Hot Topic, Spencers Gifts, Forever 21, as well as many others. I continue to freelance and run Fleshbabies LLC.

January 2020: Created FleshBabies LLC to sell my art and participate in horror and art conventions.

January 2018: Relocated to Richmond, VA and began my job at K2 Awards and Apparel as an Apparel Graphic Designer.

May 2017: Graduated Towson University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts and Design. I also started doing Screen printing at Graphix Haus in Baltimore, MD.

March 2013: I created a logo for The Baldwin Center of Pontiac, MI. The Baldwin Center is a nonprofit whose mission is to ‘feed, clothe, educate and empower’ underprivileged people and kids. I designed a logo for their summer meals program, which provides lunches and snacks to kids through the summer. The kids who participate rely upon free or reduced lunches through the schools, and usually through the summer they go hungry.

March 2013: I had the honor of painting a large 10 x 15 foot undersea mural for the St.Marys Annual Hospital Gala. This gala is a large, formal charity banquet to raise money for the local hospital.

January 2013: I  launched a marketing campaign for Cooley Construction. Cooley Construction is a locally owned construction company based in Southfield, MI. This campaign included creating a logo and unified brand through vinyl decorations for the work truck, business cards, flyers, bumper stickers and more.

December 2012: I won the Technology Handbook Cover Contest for 2013. This contest is open to both students and freelance designers. I received a 500$ cash prize, recognition, and the opportunity to have my design in every government and contractor building in the Southern Maryland Area.

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